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Raj Bhawan Nainital (Timings, Prices With Complete Reviews)

If you are embarking on a visit to Raj Bhawan in the picturesque town of Nainital. Here’s a comprehensive overview of what to expect and all the necessary details about the Raj Bhawan, Nainital that will make your trip simple, hassle-free, and fun. 

The Significance Of Raj Bhawan Nainital

The Raj Bhawan in Nainital is built in a picturesque location with lush greenery of oak and pine trees around it. Spread across an area of 205 acres, built by the Britishers for the Governor of the East Province, the governor’s house is now home to the governor of Uttarakhand and is a popular tourist attraction for people to visit.

The Raj Bhawan is a multi-storeyed building with 113 rooms, a golf course that is spread across 45 acres of land, and a swimming pool as well. 

Who Built Raj Bhawan And Its Historical Significance

Raj Bhawan was built by the Britishers as a residence for the Governor of the East Province of colonized India. British VIPs and guests used to stay in the Governor’s house during their visit to Nainital. Post-independence the Governor’s house became Raj Bhawan and is now a place for the Governor of Uttarakhand to stay. 

Architecture Of Governor House Nainital

The architecture of the Governor House can be described as “the early domestic Gothic style”. It was designed by F.W. Steven and was built in the year 1899 and is believed to be a copy of the Birmingham Palace. 

Built of local stone, a dark gray marble, and local dolomite marble used in the interior cross walls. Naloina stone and Agra stone were used to make the exterior of the building giving it a Gothic look. The doors, windows, and floors of the building are made out of Teak wood. All these details give the Governor’s house a look unparalleled by any British Architecture in the area. 

The Raj Bhawan Golf Course Nainital

One of the oldest golf courses is the Raj Bhawan Golf Course in Nainital. Built in 1926, the golf course is affiliated with the Indian Golf Union. Previously a part of the exclusive preserve of Erstwhile United Province, the 18-hole golf course was opened to the common public in the year 1994. And can now be enjoyed by the tourists visiting the Raj Bhawan. 

Can We Visit Raj Bhawan Nainital?

Yes, you can visit the Raj Bhawan, Nainital however there is an entry fee for both the Raj Bhawan and the Golf Course. And not all rooms are accessible to tourists since the Governor of Uttarakhand still resides there. You can enjoy the lush green gardens and breathtaking vistas of the beautiful surroundings filled with pine and oak trees. As well as if you are interested in Golf you can visit the Golf course too. 

Timings And Entry Details Of Governor House Nainital

Raj Bhawan, Nainital is open for tourists throughout the year apart from Sundays and National Holidays. The entry fee and timings for visiting Raj Bhawan, Nainital are as follows- 

Entry Fee- 

  • Rs.50 per person 
  • Rs.450 for access to the Golf Course 

Visit timings- 

  • March to April- 8 am to 5 pm 
  • May to August- 8 am to 6 pm
  • September to October- 8 am to 5 pm
  • November to February- 8 am to 5 pm

Contact information of Raj Bhawan, Nainital-
5942 232024

Address of Raj Bhawan, Nainital- Amghari, Nainital, Uttarakhand, 263002, India

Best Restaurant Around Raj Bhawan Nainital

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Things To Do At And Around Raj Bhawan Nainital

At Raj Bhawan, Nainital you can enjoy lush green gardens and the picturesque landscape covered with oak and pine trees. If you are a fan of Golf you can play it on the Golf course there. As well as the architecture of Raj Bhawan makes it a sight to behold. 

As for other attractions around the Raj Bhawan in Nainital, there are numerous. Nainital is a great tourist place where one can never run out of things to do. You can enjoy boating in the beautiful Naini Lake, if you want to see the Himalayas with vibrant hues of oranges during the sunrise you can visit the Tiffin Top. 

If you are enthralled by wildlife you can visit the Nainital Zoo to see the numerous species of birds and animals found in the Himalayan region. If you want a thrilling experience of adventure sports you can perform mountain climbing, or enjoy the birds-eye view of the picturesque place through the Nainital ropeway. 

If you want tranquility at a spiritual level, you can visit the alluring temples, Naina Devi which is located next to the Naini Lake, or the  Hanuman Garhi Temple. If you want to buy souvenirs from your trip you can visit the Tibetan Market.

If you want to savor the best local cuisine with views of picturesque landscapes, you can visit the Let Me Dine Restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions About All You Need To Know About Raj Bhawan Nainital

Raj Bhawan was built by Britishers as the summer residence of Governors and British VIPs who visited the hill station in colonial India. F.W. Stevens was the architect of the Governor’s House.

Yes, you can visit the Raj Bhawan in Nainital with an entry fee of just 50 rupees. However, not all areas of the Raj Bhawan are open for tourists as the Governor of Uttarakhand resides there. 


You can visit numerous tourist attractions like the Nainital Zoo, Nainital Ropeway, Tiffin Top, Naini Lake, Naini Temple, or the Hanuman Garhi Temple around Governor House, Nainital. And if you want to enjoy the best local cuisine you can visit the Let Me Dine Restaurant. 

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